Perform Better. Look Better. Feel Better.The Tailored Coaching Programme For The Functional Athletes
the Box nutrition 90 Day Challenge
The Tailored Nutrition Coaching Programme For Functional Athletes 
Perform better. look better. feel better.
The 90 Day Box Nutrition Challenge is the tailored nutrition programme that helps athletes perform, look and feel their best through better nutrition.
We help you understand
  • What to eat to look better
  • ​What to eat to perform better
  • ​How to eat more of the ‘bad’ foods and still get results
  • ​What to eat when you don’t have much to prepare
  • ​How to diet without feeling like you’re dieting
  • ​How to stick to something that you can do forever
  • ​How to build simple, tasty and healthy meals
But more than that, you will get results.
Stripping supplements back. The Box Performance Pack is designed to optimise performance for functional fitness and other power based sports. Increase strength, work capacity and body composition.

Each pack contains 4 weeks (based on training 6 days per week) supply of:

Creatine Monohydrate
Beta Alanine
Vitamin D3
Performance Supplement Pack
Hard copy of Fuelling the Functional Athlete When You Join Today!
Fuelling the Functional Athlete
Get a copy of Fuelling the Functional Athlete!!!

Dispelling many of the myths often associated with nutrition for functional training, sports nutritionist Jack Braniff delves into the science and research behind exactly how you should be fuelling your training and eating for results, whilst providing you with a practical framework to implement yourself.

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Track Pack
We know that getting results is all about making things as easy as possible for you. This is the reason why you also receive you very own track pack including measuring cups to help with our recipes, kitchen scales and your own tape measure. 

Track Pack
Your Box Performance Pack
Perform better. look better. feel better.
At Box, we understand that your nutrition is individual and following a set 'diet' will only get you so far.

We don't believe in the typical self-named diets but building a nutrition setup around YOU, YOUR goals, preferences and lifestyle.

This is why we have developed Box Squad. The framework that will help you combine improving at your chosen sport and looking your (our results don’t lie).
Who is it for?
Anybody who wants to look better, feel better or perform better. 

Box squad is here to help whether you just want to lose a few pounds to fit into that dress, feel confident for a night out, work do or for your partner, or if you desperately need help with getting your health in check by sorting out what you eat.
Why us?
What makes us different at Box is that everything we do is backed by scientific theory that we break down into easily actionable steps for you to follow,

We do not accept or promote any sort of FAD diets but only proven strategies that work.

Anybody can give you a meal plan, but what gets REAL results is having a support network and knowing how to change things moving forward. Exactly what we do at Box.

The 90 Day Challenge is a reactive process, which means getting you setup on a framework that suits you and then continually adjusting things moving forward until you get to where you want to be.

Jack Braniff MSc
My name is Jack Braniff, founder of Box Nutrition. I’m a registered sports nutritionist (SENr) by trade and hold my Masters degree (MSc) in Sports and Exercise nutrition.
What you get:

1. Your tailored diet breakdown

A detailed breakdown of how much and when you should be eating. Using the Box Nutrition traffic light system, we also help you identify what you should be eating and when.

2. Tailored Macro Meal Plans

Box Squad is getting personal. Each month you now also get a  tailored workout day and none workout day meal plan based around your kcals and macros.

3. Meal plans, meal planners and recipe selection

Get access to our selection of meal plans, meal planners, a preparation guide, portion control guide and an ever expanding resource selection which show you what to eat, when to eat and how to prepare.

4. Monthly recipe pack

Get access to our monthly recipe packs that includes a meal planner, shopping list and MyFitnessPal barcodes so you can scan your recipes without the need to upload all the ingredients!

5. The Box Roadmap

We understand that starting a new diet can feel overwhelming which is we provide a step by step framework so you have set tasks to follow each week.

6.  Support

At the start of the process, you get a welcome call to run through your new plan and answer anything you’re unsure about. Every month, you also receive a ‘check in’ call to monitor your progress and make any adjustments necessary to your plan.

7. Private member site

As a member of Box Squad you get exclusive access to the private member hub which includes recipes, tutorials, videos and an ever growing resource section.

8. Community page

Our private members community provides you with support, accountability and a place to ask questions, share recipes and progress with other people and similar situations.

9. 25% Off Metabolic Testing

Metabolic testing provides you with the most comprehensive and insightful health assessment allowing you to develop an accurate nutrition and workout plan to match your goals. As part of the challenge you get  25% all testing including RMR, VO2 max and fuel utilisation tests.
Your Challenge Performance Box

Box Performance Supplement Stack

The Box Performance Supplement pack compliments your diet and helps take your performance and the way you look to the next level.

Your free pack contains 4 weeks (based on training 6 days per week) supply of:

Creatine Monohydrate
Beta Alanine
Vitamin D3

Fuelling The Functional Athlete

The must have book for any functional athlete.

Fuelling the Functional Athlete walks you through a proven framework for building a successful diet. Dispelling many of the myths often associated with nutrition for functional training, this book delves into the science and research behind exactly how you should be fuelling your training and eating for results, whilst providing you with a practical framework to implement yourself, making it the perfect companion for the Box Nutrition Coaching programme.

Track pack

From our experience we understand that having the right tools make the process far easier, which is why you also receive your own set of kitchen weighing scales, measuring spoons and cups, plus a tape measure to help measure your progress.
How do I sign up?
To sign up, click or tap here or the link below. Once you have signed up, you will be asked to complete a client information form for your needs analysis and food preferences, which will help us provide you with the most accurate macro breakdown as possible and a meal plan that you enjoy :)

You will then be granted access to the Box Squad member hub and private community.

Or if you have any questions about signing up then email us at

How much is it?
The Box Squad 3 month programme is £249, or £199 if you do not want the Performance Box (supplements, book and track pack).

Do I get meal plans?
Yes, as well as a personalised meal plan based around your macro goals, you also get access to the meal plan section provides you with a selection of meal plans to match your kcals. Every 4 weeks you are given access to a new set of meal plans. The recipe packs also provide you with meal plan examples and shopping lists.

Do I get my macros calculated for me?
Yes, based on your client information form, we write up your calories and macronutrients for workout and none workout days. We also calculate how you should split your macros up across the day based on when you train.

How often are they changed?
Every month you have a nutrition review where we discuss your progress and make any adjustments necessary. We also guide you through how to adjust your macros throughout the programme with a step by step flow chart and video.

Are there recipes?
Yes. You get access to 12 different recipe packs that also include a shopping list and barcodes so you can scan the recipes directly into MyFitnessPal This section is continually growing. Members are also encouraged share their recipes with the group on #Recipewednesday.

Do I have to count kcals?
No. Although I encourage members to understand food values, there is the option to follow a hand based portion system.

I'm not an athlete, is Box Squad right for me?
Absolutely. This programme has been designed for both competitive athletes and anyone who just wants to get in shape. Although the fundamentals of good nutrition remain the same, your calories and macros are calculated based on you and your goals.

Can you cater for other sports?
Absolutely. We can tailor your plan to suit whichever sport you partake in whether you're a runner, tri-athlete or rugby player . If you’re unsure whether it’s right for you then email us
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